Are you a nature lover or want to capture the beautiful glimpses of wildlife and underwater world, then Smithsonian Earth is the best option for you. All the Roku users can subscribe to this streaming service.


Hello Roku users, let us ask you how many you want to get close to nature? Obviously, we all have this dream. Well, if you’re one of them who love the nature then you should go for Smithsonian Earth. Now you’ll be thinking what’s that? Smithsonian Earth is a streaming service (commercial free) this service provides unlimited access to authentic documentaries, short series, and natural scenes. Users can enjoy the content in 4k Ultra HD quality, this picture quality will bring you close to nature.

If you’re a Roku user then you can subscribe to Smithsonian Earth (Free for 30 days, then $3.99/month*). If you want to capture the rare glimpse of the underwater world then you shouldn’t miss the story of Rohani (80 years old) from the Togean Islands of Sulawesi. He is a Bajau driver who experienced the depth of the underwater world.

underwater-museum-transition_silent_evolutionRoku user can catch this beautiful and adventurous documentary called, ’Jago: A Life Underwater’ (available on Smithsonian Earth). Being as a Roku user, you can take Roku help in case you face any technical trouble in your Roku device. This amazing streaming service holds various documentaries if your vision wants to catch the active volcanos of Ethiopia, Socorro Island’s seas life or attractive creatures of Madagascar, all these beautiful views you can capture by stepping ahead to this beautiful streaming service.

logoNo doubt this service is just an ideal option for the nature lover, rest you can also enjoy many short videos and series about wildlife as well. For more deep details and useful information you need can stay tuned to Smithsonian Earth’s official website and regarding any Roku support or assistance you can navigate to Www support roku com

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