All the Roku users can easily remove the Roku channel by using other Roku remote. You just need to follow these simple steps or you can contact the Roku experts as well in case you see no output after attempting these steps. For more precise assistance you can go to Roku Com.

What’s going on Roku users? As we know the reason behind that why Roku is earning popularity among people, just because this streaming service grasps facile and amazing functionality and features. People face no complication while operating this well-liked streaming device. Those who are already using this streaming device can ask for Roku help anytime, in case they face any technical trouble. Well, often users struggle with various technical errors in it, but good thing is that all the errors are resolvable.


Simply by getting in touch with professionals, you can get accurate assistance and support or you can visit Www support roku com. If you’re new to this device, then instead of wandering here and there, you can contact our experts for the accurate guideline and direction. Well, if you want to remove the Roku channels, then you can do it very easily by using other Roku remote, you just need to follow these below given steps:

  1. First, you need to step ahead to Roku Channel Store then from home screen you need to select the Channel Store icon.
  2. Now navigate to Top Row to the category of ‘My Channels’ by using up/down arrows on your remote control.
  3. Use the left or right button on your remote, so you can highlight a channel that you wish to remove.
  4. Now select ‘Remove Channel’ and then hit on ‘Yes’ in the dialog box so you can make your confirmation sure that you finally want to delete the channel.

These are some uncomplicated steps for you, so you can easily remove the channels from your Roku. If you see no change after attempting these steps, then contact the professionals for appropriate directions.